Policies & Procedures

* AHEA regularly reviews legislation that may affect students and the academy’s rights and responsibilities.

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Student Entry Procedures

From 2016, entry requirements for each individual AHEA program have changed.

  • For Certificate IV and below qualifications, the desired minimum standard for intending students is Year 10 equivalence
  • For Diploma level studies, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12 certificate) is desirable.

If this is not possible, intending students will need to be assessed as displaying a required level of competence in reading and numeracy. Certificate IV and below studies will use an interview and written assessment process linked to the industry skill requirement and the Australian Core Skills Framework.

To assess whether an intending Diploma level student has the required level of competence in reading and numeracy, AHEA will administer an assessment inline with government requirements.

Students must be able to satisfactorily demonstrate to AHEA administration they have the skills, abilities and attitude to successfully complete their studies and gain employment in the relevant vocational industry.


Withdrawing From a Unit of Study or Course

In order to cancel enrolment/withdraw from a course or unit, students must provide advice in writing to the Australian Higher Education Academy’s Principal. It is the date this advice is received that determines whether fees are credited or refunded.

To read more on our Withdrawal and Refunds Policy, click here >>> Withdrawal and Refunds Policy V1.1 Jan 2019


Complaints and Appeals

AHEA’s Management shall ensure that all complaints and appeals are dealt in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness and remains publicly available. All complaints and appeals shall be subject to notification within the AHEA’s management meeting and require the implementation of the AHEA’s complaints and appeals process.

To read more on our Complaints and Appeals Policy, click here >>> Complaints and Appeals Policy V1.1 Jan 2018


Other policies and procedures include: