Our Quality Assurance

AHEA Code of Practice

All policies and procedures of AHEA are compliant with the Academy’s Code of Practice and follow all relevant Australian legislation including:

Click to download our Code of Practice here >>> AHEA Code of Practice v 1.0 2015


Quality of AHEA training and assessment services

  1. AHEA’s training and assessment strategies and practices are responsive to industry and learner needs and meet the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses.
  2. The operations of AHEA are quality assured.
  3. AHEA issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in accordance with the The Standards for RTOs 2015 and provides access to learner records.
  4. Accurate and accessible information about AHEA, its services and performance is available to inform prospective and current learners and clients and enable them to make informed decisions regarding their training and/or assessment needs.
  5. Each learner at AHEA is properly informed and protected.
  6. Complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively.
  7. AHEA has effective governance and administration arrangements in place.
  8. AHEA cooperates with the VET Regulator and is legally compliant at all times.


Our Promise to You

AHEA is committed to completing your training and assessment once you have started studying in your chosen qualification (or course) and met all of your student responsibilities.

In the event of our specialist trainer being unavailable, AHEA will arrange for an alternate trainer to complete the class. In the event that AHEA cannot obtain a suitable replacement, AHEA will, if possible, arrange for agreed training and assessment to be completed through another RTO.

Prior to the transfer to another RTO, affected students will be formally notified of the arrangements, and an agreement to those arrangements (including any refund of fees) will be obtained. If a transfer is not possible, the RTO will gain a written agreement for a subject/course substitution from the student and parent.