Our Services

Our Services

The Australian Higher Education Academy originally commenced operations as a childcare training centre. Since then, it has grown into a provider of a wide selection of services to the community services, education and training and business sectors.

In the past, staff of AHEA have provided consultancy services to companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand. In 2007 the Australian Higher Education Academy was asked to provide advice and support to a large childcare provider in the region based on its experience and ability to innovate.

AHEA can provide the following consultancy services to its clients:

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

As a Registered Training Organisation, AHEA is able to provide training to its clients within the Academy’s scope and also prove training in a variety of other industry areas through partnering relationships with a wider selection of other Registered Training Organisations. All training meets the rigid standards required of RTO’s. These Standards are set by the Australian Government and qualifications issued by AHEA have the same status as those issued by TAFE.

Training Needs Analysis

AHEA’s staff have a variety of industry skills and all trainers and assessors have a Nationally Recognised qualification. Often, the solution to a company’s expansion may simply be suitably trained staff able to be competitive in the ever changing economy they operate in. Their staff may have the right attitudes and commitment but simply lack some current industry knowledge which can be easily identified by experienced assessors.

Customised Courses

A customised course specially designed by AHEA based on individual or enterprise needs can be developed and delivered to clients either in the AHEA or the client’s own premises. Usually, this is the result of a training needs analysis / skills gap analysis where the client requires a complete turnkey solution.

Training Materials Development

The ever changing training industry in Australia has resulted in a large range of materials being used by most RTO’s. Unfortunately, to develop these as a commercial product requires time and money – and a market. With the large population base in the eastern states, it is easier for companies to develop materials for these markets. These materials often focus on the legislation and regulations relevant in those states. Recognising this, AHEA develops its own support materials for commercial texts or completely new resources where these do not exist as “reinventing the wheel” can be costly both in financial terms and in time.

To learn more about these or any other service you require, simply contact the Australian Higher Education Academy for a confidential discussion of your needs.