Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care (CHC50113)

Entry Requirements

To gain entry into this course candidates must either:

For Diploma level studies, the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12 certificate) is desirable.

If this is not possible, intending students will need to be assessed as displaying a required level of competence in reading and numeracy.  Certificate IV and below studies will use an interview and written assessment process linked to the industry skill requirement and the Australian Core Skills Framework.

To assess whether an intending Diploma level student has the required level of competence in reading and numeracy, AHEA will administer a Core Skills assessment online in the Academy’s computer laboratory. This assessment will be done using the reading and numeracy components of the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER)’s Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) tool. AHEA must be satisfied that the student is displaying competency at ACSF Exit Level 3 or above in both reading and numeracy. As a guide:

  • An ACSF Exit Level 3 at reading requires a student to read familiar texts fluently
  • An ACSF Exit Level 3 at numeracy requires a student to interpret and understand everyday mathematical information

Students may undertake a practice test online before completing the Core Skills assessment. Once complete, students will be advised of their results and a copy of the results will be stored for five years and may be provided to the Commonwealth if requested.

Students must be able to satisfactorily demonstrate to AHEA administration they have the skills, abilities and attitude to successfully complete their studies and gain employment in the relevant vocational industry.


demonstrate competence through a recognised training program or recognition process, in the relevant competencies from the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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Course Duration

40 weeks (approximately)

Delivery Mode

Flexible/External (only available for students working or volunteering in the Child Care Industry)

RPL/RCC available: Contact the Academy if you need more details

Course Costs

Contact the Academy for current course costs

Qualification Information

This qualification covers workers in children’s services who are responsible for planning, implementing and managing programs in early childhood services, in accordance with licensing, accreditation and duty of care requirements. At this level:

  • Workers have responsibility for supervision of other staff and volunteers
  • In most states it is the highest qualification required at director or service manager level for children’s service centre-based care.

Occupational Titles May Include

  • Childcare worker (qualified)
  • Team Leader /Group Leader
  • Children’s service director / coordinator

Please Note

*** All units require students to demonstrate that they have gained competence from on-the job training (Supervised Field Placement).

*** Students must ensure they can obtain a Working With Children’s Check. This is not provided as part of the course and is the responsibility of the student. Students may also be required to provide a medical clearance at their own expense.

*** All resources are provided on loan for use by students during the course.